Sinsemillist Notes: Dark Rainbow #6



Sinsemillist Notes

Dark Rainbow No.6 by SKöRD

Sinsemillist: Bobby Hines


I purchased 3.5 grams of Skörd’s Dark Rainbow No.6 flower from Higher Leaf in Kirkland, WA. It is part of Skörd’s V.1 Limited Batch series. Tested by Confidence Analytics, its Strain Data Project compass is Red.

The product came in a small clear glass jar, topped with a child safety cap and tamper-indicating tape. In the jar were four nugs of comparable size. The nugs were bulbous in shape, fuzzy with trichomes, red-brown calyxes, and pale green leaf colors punctuated by very dark green points. Opening the jar releases scents of sweet cream, pine wood, and a sharp lemon note.

The nugs are dense. The internal structure presents thin delicate stems amidst a tightly packed inflorescence. Having broken the nug apart, the sweetness dissipates and warm chemical notes are brought to the forefront. Grinding the material again releases strong scents of cleaning chemicals backed by sour lime, and an herbal rosemary and thyme. Left in the open to air out, the chemical scents mostly dissipate and leave behind fragrant pine wood and vegetal notes of dark leafy greens.

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