Sinsemillist Notes: EthiopianXSkyCuddlerKush



Sinsemillist Notes

EthiopianXSkyCuddlerKush by PlaidJacket

Sinsemillist: Bobby Hines


I purchased 3.5 grams of Ethiopian x Sky Cuddler Kush flower from Origins Cannabis in Redmond, WA. Tested by Confidence Analytics, its Strain Data Project compass is Blue.

The packaging of this product was notable: glass jar, enclosed in heavy paper, with a view port on the bottom. The inner jar contained one large 3.5g nug. It presents as dark green material, frosted in white trichomes, and burnt ochre phallyxes curling throughout the structure. Opening the jar, we detect scents of ripe vernal grasses and pine. There is a very faint scent of machine oil backing the sweetness.

Squeezing the nug shows off a substantial density. Carefully pulling the nug apart, we find a strong central stem, evenly branching into smaller clusters of buds and giving the exterior a cumulus cloud shape. Now lying open, we are met with warm metals and rich chem notes.

Grinding the material releases an overwhelming scent of metals, supported strongly by white oak and a mild camphor. Finally, the typical fruit scents of myrcene-dominant strains reveal themselves in musky, melon notes. Aerating the ground material required more than a few minutes, filling the room with metallic smells. Once cleared, a pleasant clove note rises alongside dried portabella mushrooms.

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