What is a Sinsemillist?

First we need to start with an introduction to the subject of sensory evaluation.


The Art of Sensory Evaluation

Organoleptics is a branch of chemistry that deals with the study of properties that can be perceived by the senses; particularly taste, smell, and touch. These properties are related to the interactions between molecules and the human senses, and are often associated with the perception of flavor, aroma, and texture. In fact, you likely engage in organoleptics when you are deciding which avacado or bana to buy. Do you pick it up and squeeze it? Do you look for soft spots or discoloration? Do you smell it to determine ripeness? The practice of using your touch, sight and smell in this way is organoleptics!

Organoleptics is an important area of research in food science, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals, as it helps to understand the chemical reactions that occur during the processing and aging of these products.

What is a Sinsemillist?

An organoleptician for Cannabis products

A Sinsemillist is a professional in the Cannabis industry who is an expert in the evaluation, curation, and recommendation of Cannabis products.

You may be familiar with the title, "Sommelier," a professional in the Wine industry responsible for maintaining a collection of wines, and giving you recommendations for pairing with your meal, or taking home for your own collection. You may even be familiar with the title, "Cicerone," a similar professional in the Beer industry. Such professionals in the Cannabis industry are known as Sinsemillists.