Sinsemillist Notes: Middlefork



Sinsemillist Notes

Middlefork by Royal Tree Gardens

Sinsemillist: Bobby Hines


I purchased 3.5 grams of Royal Tree garden’s Middlefork flower from Higher Leaf in Kirkland, WA. In the jar were three rather large nugs, tall and bushy in shape, with visible trichomes. Coloration was dark green, with light clay colored calyxes distributed evenly throughout. Pulling at the buds, they give a moderate resistance before breaking away from a sturdy stem. Moisture preservation in cure and packaging is apparent, with mild flexibility in the structure, a slow rebound following compression, and a nice cupping of the sugar leaves at the base of the nugs.

Tested by Confidence Analytics, its Strain Data Project compass is Orange.

Opening the jar floods the air with sweet fruits. Jackfruit, berries, citrus, and a minor acidic cream scent dominate the jar smell. In the grinder, the material was sticky enough to create a gummy resistance to turning the grinder. Releasing the grinder, the material is exploding with mineral scents, and an emphasis on sweet oxidizing copper. From within the mineral scents arise the scents of fresh muskmelons. Left to aerate for several minutes, the fruit scents return with mild strawberry, jackfruit, and fragrant woods.

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