Sinsemillist Notes: High Plains Drifter



Sinsemillist Notes

High Plains Drifter by Raven Grass

Sinsemillist: Bobby Hines


I purchased a jar from Dockside SODO containing 3.5 grams of flower material. The flowers were medium in size, egg-like in shape, and bushy. The material was a consistent bright green color, interspersed with amber calyxes, and dense white trichome coverage. Raven includes a Bovida 62%RH sachet that helps ensure terpene preservation in the jar, and maintains moisture content. A good squeeze of a nug, and the exterior easily gives way, sticking briefly before rebounding fully.

Tested by Confidence Analytics, its Strain Data Project compass is Blue. Within the blue category, this flower has some interesting features. While classic in its dominating Myrcene presence, it has much lower a-Pinene than the average, while having greater Humemlene presence and a substantial increase in Caryophyllene.

That increased addition of Caryophyllene became immediately noticeable upon opening the jar. Dominating scents of Vietnamese black peppercorns, and green bell pepper were strongly released.. Undertones of sharp cedar notes and a faint scent of ozone make up the backing scents. In the grinder, pungent gas comes forward, lightly sweet with hints of rose and dried apricots.

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